Psychic Readings by Jacq Rene

Psychic Readings by: Jacq Rene

About Jacq Rene

As a Psychic Advisor, Clairvoyant, High Priestess, Healer and Card Reader, I wish to aid you in tough decisions, answer questions and share with you what the divine has in store for YOU. Your voice vibration is more unique than your finger print. Though this method, I can connect to your energy and aura. Using my psychic ability, I'll see and hear, not just you and your life, but of those around you. I will provide a clear picture of your unseen life. Forewarned is Forearmed! I'm a Queen, a living Goddess, enchanted and empowered; I am an old soul, knowing and remembering. We are here to play out our karma of the past and to improve the future. I don't believe in bad news, I see them as blocks that need to be recognized so we can heal and move forward. My reading approach is fast, direct, open and honest. I pass no judgment…I believe we are on earth to learn and to teach. By making the right decisions, we create balance and joy in our lives. Doors begin to open…progress can be made. My methods are from the earth and the universe, channeled as a child from my past life, nurtured by my mother and teachers from the present. I'm here for you. Thank you and faerie blessings.

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