Psychic Readings by Isador Lawrence

Psychic Readings by: Isador Lawrence

About Isador Lawrence

Isador is a Natural-born Psychic, and he inherited psychic abilities from both parental lines, all very spiritual and empathetic ancestors. He has been a professional Psychic most of his life. For over 20 years he has been a Tarot Card Reader, and also uses Oracle cards and traditional and ancient European divinatory methods as a natural conduit and medium for his abilities. His readings and divinatory sessions are meaningful, empathetic, straightforward and filled with practical insight, guidance, directions, solutions and alternatives. He is fluent in English and South Slavic languages and dialects. In addition, Isador holds a master and doctoral degree in healthcare sciences with numerous certifications in caregiving, end of life care and rehabilitation of disabled people. It is his mission in life to help others to live from the heart and also advise them how to successfully live with their loved ones. It is his goal in life to help the people and humanity any way he can. Most people who meet, him reports positive life-changing experiences. Isador looks forward to connecting with you and sharing his gifts to bring greater love, clarity and confirmation to you now and in the future!

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