Psychic Readings by Isabella Jacinta

Psychic Readings by: Isabella Jacinta

About Isabella Jacinta

I'm a compassionate, Intuitive Psychic who focuses on what your present situation is and how it can be improved and what steps or actions are needed to get your life on the track. As I child, I would see auras and spirits all the time, but as I grew, I slowly chose to simply be in the physical realm. At 30, I decided it was time to pick up where I left off and offer what I could to help my friends and clients. As a Reiki Master, I learned to see energy within the human body and aura to see where blocks of energy need to be shifted, including the Chakras. Energy is around us every day and I simply have been blessed with the ability to see what needs to be seen, hear what needs to be relayed and sense, sometimes, what we don't want to know. We all truly need to accept and acknowledge within ourselves to better our lives and relationships. I look forward to the opportunity to provide an accurate and insightful reading to get you on your life path with joy, love and clarity.

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