Psychic Readings by Halga Sands

Psychic Readings by: Halga Sands

About Halga Sands

I'm a Psychic, Intuitive and Empath, and I feel your emotions, your spirit and your energy. My gifts come from an angel that I connected with at a very young age and she presented me with gifts of love, compassion, empathy and deep insight. I have been helping people with relationship turmoil, conflicts and life-altering decisions for over 25 years. Let me help you to better understand your life. I hear your voice, I sense you, and it is as though I walk right through you, and in that moment, I understand you. As we talk, I will tune into your energy and can see where and how to guide you to a happier, more complete self. Your natural gifts will unfold and peace and harmony will take hold. I will empower you to control your life with an inner confidence. A consultation with me will be real, fair and honest.

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