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Psychic Readings by Gregory Roberts

Psychic Readings by: Gregory Roberts

About Gregory Roberts

I'm an Intuitive Psychic and professional Tarot Reader. I have studied the occult sciences for about 13 years, focusing on the Kabalah, as it pertains to the language and symbolism of the Tarot, as well as, the Golden Dawn and the Thoth. I am also a member of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, which is one of the first Government recognized Wiccan churches in the U.S. Allow me to empower your life by using my abilities, your energy and the cards. I will answer any question you may have with accuracy, clarity and empathy. Life should be full of love, peace, success and happiness; you can have it all. Call me for a personal consultation, so you can dismiss the fears and confusion that destroys your well being. Regain your personal power and the life you desire. I'm looking forward to our session.

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