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Psychic Readings by Greer Tasgall

Psychic Readings by: Greer Tasgall

About Greer Tasgall

I’m a professional, intuitive Psychic and Empath with highly developed skills interpreting individuals personal energies and how your life is impacted. Over the years, I have incorporated Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and I-Ching into my sessions. One of my best qualities is my ability to listen and construe what is happening around another's life. My personal experiences have been nothing short of extraordinary! I began my tutelage at my grandmothers knee while she read tea leaves, an art in itself. I began listening to my inner self, grew more alert to my own environment, and have discovered that my abilities grow stronger as time passes. I’m here to help you discover about the energy surrounding you and what the universe is trying to convey. My goal is to direct this energy to the good. Living in the moment is a difficult task, and for many, it can be over burdensome and darkness can prevail. I truly believe we are vessels with gifts and we need to share this with others. In doing so, I gain the love I seek, while helping others find their path and the peace they desire.

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