Psychic Readings by Grand Master Psychic Waldis

Psychic Readings by: Grand Master Psychic Waldis

About Grand Master Psychic Waldis

I am a highly educated and experienced Grand Master Psychic with over forty (40) years of work and awareness in the spiritual dimension. I possess a great interest and capability in dream interpretation (affiliated with inner peace movement), past-life readings and am well practiced in “Astral Journeys,” which tap into sources of the ancient wisdom known as the Akashic Records. I also have a B.A. in Psychology and many years experience as a professional Counselor. I will provide the gateway, so you may bond with your Angels or Spirit Guides. We are all souls who happen to have a physical body. Balancing our lives in the spiritual, mental and physical realms is the key to fulfillment in life. No one holds us back from experiencing joy except ourselves. I am here to remove the spiritual blocks, so you may continue on your life's mission. I would love the opportunity to share my wisdom and diminish the roadblocks that are in the way of you experiencing true happiness.

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