Psychic Readings by Gracie Simon

Psychic Readings by: Gracie Simon

About Gracie Simon

We are all spirits living a human existence, and I believe that each of us are gifted with psychic abilities, some choose to grow these abilities and some do not. My Psychic Empathic and Intuitive abilities help me to delve deeper into the path you are on. I have a long family history of gifted Psychics, and I have opened up to my clairvoyance (to see), clairaudience (to hear) and clairsentience (to sense) to help others. I use the Tarot cards along with my natural gifts to connect with my spiritual team of guides to read and advise on all topics. Through my knowledge of Numerology, I can see if you are compatible with those you are interested in. My intention is always of the highest and best good of all and my readings are straightforward, honest and insightful. I am honored to provide insight to all areas of your life and help you to regain balance and harmony within yourself. I look forward to our connection.

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