Psychic Readings by Goldie Batiste

Psychic Readings by: Goldie Batiste

About Goldie Batiste

I was born a very intuitive, compassionate and empathetic soul. My psychic gifts include the following; clairaudience, clairsentience, intuitive empath and prophetic dreamer. During each reading, I mainly hear my messages from my angels and I relay the messages to you. I am known to be blunt, straight to the point and never sugar coat. I tell it like I see it, but what I say comes from a place of love and honesty. I strive to be as accurate as possible and allow the energy of you and others to flow through me, providing you with insightful answers and telling you what you need to hear. It is a blessing and joy to help to guide all of you and provide insight, illuminating your life’s path.

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