Psychic Readings by Glenn Foster

Psychic Readings by: Glenn Foster

About Glenn Foster

Do you want genuine answers to your most intimate questions? I am a Natural-born Psychic Empath (I read people's emotions). I use playing cards with Tarot meanings (cartomancy) as oracles for my sitters to focus on. I offer 15 years of professional experience and have done THOUSANDS of readings. All of my life, I knew I had an enhanced sensitivity to people's emotional state. This affected me in both positive and negative ways depending on the moods of those around me. Crowds are difficult for me for obvious reasons. Studies have proven that the number one reason people seek out Psychics (or psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.) is because they want answers to questions. In my experience, YOU already know the answer and YOU just need a spiritually gifted sounding board. Women, in particular, in our patriarchal culture, do not EXPRESS themselves verbally and emotionally as much as they should. This is where I come in and encourage YOU to open up and express yourself without judgment. My readings do just that, as I mirror your feelings and offer comfort, sympathy and empathy. Don't hesitate…CALL ME NOW!

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