Psychic Readings by Gina Krane

Psychic Readings by: Gina Krane

About Gina Krane

I am a psychic Counselor, Intuitive, Empath and Clairaudient, who also happens to be a practicing Wiccan and has a fascination with the power of the mind to overcome life’s challenges. I’ve also recently started to study spiritual Naturalism too. I offer advice on all topics, and specialize in interpersonal relationships: love, romance, and family. My mother was a huge influence on me. She was often sought out because she seemed to be deeply connected to the world around her and it was often noted that she “just knew things”. She encouraged me to learn about the world around me and take the time to listen to what nature had to say. This helped me develop the abilities I have today. As an adult, I’ve learned to hone my gifts working with different support groups as a volunteer peer Counselor. In college I was able to broaden those skills further through my coursework. While volunteering my time, I was able to bring my Wiccan beliefs into an almost therapeutic setting that help the healing process begin for many people. I look forward to helping you as well.

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