Psychic Readings by Gillie

Psychic Readings by: Gillie

About Gillie

Walking the bridge between worlds, I am your Gillie and guide. Born with a psychic second sight, I come from an ancient Celtic line of keepers of earth magic and mysteries. As an Anam Cara, I can shine light on your path and I do work as a Spiritual Director, inter-faith Minister and Reiki Master. During a session, I utilize my natural gifts of clairvoyance, empathy, clairaudience and clairsentience, the tarot, my crystal ball, direct information from the angels and guides, auras, harmonic vibrations, as well as, my pendulum. My consultations are always open-minded, eclectic and honest. Specializing in relationships of all kinds, animal whispering, spirit communication and dream interpretation, I am here to listen to your souls questions, longings and delights. Let me take you on an astral journey of healing to meet your angels. The great mystery is big enough to hold all spiritual paths. I welcome and honor you as we connect. Bright Blessings.

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