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Psychic Readings by Genevieve Ferini

Psychic Readings by: Genevieve Ferini

About Genevieve Ferini

I'm a Natural-born Intuitive Psychic, and since I was a child, I have been more in tune with energies than most people, so my journey began at the young age of 15. I use the Tarot in my readings and have been reading for over 15 years now. Along with my abilities, I have found the Tarot to be very helpful in tying up loose ends and easing the mind when it is troubled. The cards tend to open our eyes to the things in life that blind us. I also use natural crystals for scrying to help draw energy and to help me form a crystal clear picture in my mind's eye. The combination of my gifts and tools allow me to produce a very desirable outcome for my clients.

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