Psychic Readings by Gareth

Psychic Readings by: Gareth

About Gareth

Descended from Celtic dream walkers, I have always known I was different. As a child, I was found to have a gift for understanding and interpreting dreams, but as I entered my teens, I was known more widely for my psychic ability, to see where the paths of people who consulted me would lead. It was near that time when my great-grandmother came from Ireland to live with my family, and she told me that I was Taibhreamh oraid, a dream speaker, one who could see into the things that lie beneath the events of our lives. She also taught me how our ancestors “read the bones”, and how to read stones, as the more accurate form of that heritage. With all of these talents, I am known as the one who not only see what lies ahead, but can also offer guidance to aid you in making the most of your destiny.

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