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Psychic Readings by Franklin “peter” Alvarez

Psychic Readings by: Franklin “peter” Alvarez

About Franklin “peter” Alvarez

I am a Psychic and a Medium. My spiritual gifts began in 1973 when Jesus appeared to me and I have been a Psychic and Medium ever since. I can talk to any spirit and soul on this side or the other side; I ask God, the Angels and Guides and I am given answers. I'm also able channel past lives instantly and also communicate with your pets as I speak to them in their hearts. We have all been through things in life. I go within to the truth and I can help you! Let me guide you on your journey in life, you can ask any question. “Where's my soul mate?” Let me help you with your relationships. We can talk to your loved ones in heaven and you can communicate with God, Jesus, Buddha, Arch Angels, Angels, Guides and Masters. I can share with you channeling on your career and money. It is my desire to be truly helpful.

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