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Psychic Readings by Frank Cooper

Psychic Readings by: Frank Cooper

About Frank Cooper

I am a Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant and Clairvoyant. I gather my information by tapping into the ether source, or nexus, though I do occasionally use oracle, angel, and Tarot cards. I also incorporate Astrology to my readings, though not in the conventional chart reading sense. I let the Great Spirit flow through me as I relay my messages to those who would seek out my help. I am a general mechanic of the spiritual realms. I was initially introduced into the psychic arts by an Indian Shaman. He introduced me to nature, the realm of spirit, and the immortal ether that resides within all living and nonliving things. He taught me how to tune into the vibration of the Great Spirit and gather information from the universal nexus of life that holds all of our ancestor's memories. He also taught me to listen to the wisdom of my ancestors and the elder animal and spirit guides, but I have taught myself through years of practice to see and gather knowledge intuitively. My approach in reading is straightforward, yet compassionate. I aim to raise the quality of life of all my clients, and bring lasting happiness into their lives. Thank you for believing in me and my abilities.

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