Psychic Readings by Felicia Rayne

Psychic Readings by: Felicia Rayne

About Felicia Rayne

Please read my profile very carefully so that you fully understand how I use my gifts and how I am able to help you improve your life. I'm an empathic Psychic and gifted Advisor. I use angel cards at times, but usually have no need for tools. I work solely with my Guides, the source or God. There are many possibilities for ones future. I do not tell anyone they are stuck or that their future is set in stone. Your life is set by the choices and energies you control. I will tell you where your energy is at present and how to shift this if needed. I can give valuable spiritual information, as I am a Religion and Philosophy major and have been studying these topics all my life. I offer sound and positive information concerning life. This is my life's work and I am hoping to help as many people as possible. There is some information I will give you concerning others, however I will normally explain to you how to extract this information yourself so that you are communicating clearly and standing your ground, fear free. Love and Light to you! -F. Rayne.

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