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Psychic Readings by Faith Sterling

Psychic Readings by: Faith Sterling

About Faith Sterling

I'm an 8th-Generation Psychic, Empath and Healer. I hail from a long line of Native American (Cherokee) Shamans. Certified in Reiki and energy healing for over 11 years, also makes me highly gifted with remote healing, which releases blockages you may have that are holding you back energetically and emotionally. I genuinely connect with my clients, as I truly CARE! I believe; 1. I'm a messenger of God, the Archangels and the universe; I can only pass on what they want you to know at this exact moment. 2. No one can truly see your future as we all have free will. 3. Take the messages I share with you and always act upon your intuition. 4. Live with an open heart and mind. Expectations are unfair. 6. Never try to control anyone. 7. Never try to control the outcome of any situation. 8. Trust that you are on your path. 9. Learn to forgive anyone and everyone in your life. 10. Thank anyone who has harmed you, as they taught you how not to be. AS ALWAYS…Let go … and have faith. My journey is to use my gifts to help others. My abilities come in a number of ways; I do not have a set method or style. Let me help you.

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