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Psychic Readings by Eric Kirkland

Psychic Readings by: Eric Kirkland

About Eric Kirkland

I'm a professional Psychic Advisor, highly experienced Tarot Reader, spiritual Counselor, Psychometrist and a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher. I embark on this project with a modest prayer; that its outcome will be the best that is possible in whatever circumstances have unfolded by the time of its conclusion. Is your life dominated by confusion? Do you have troubles with money or romance? Do you feel that everything is moving ahead for you as planned, but you are starting to wonder if you made the right plans? Using a combination of my natural abilities and the Tarot, the answers to your most pressing dilemmas await. Tarot Cards offer a time-tested system for coming to grips with the past, steering through the present and prepping for a brighter future. In its own mysterious way, the Tarot lets you read hidden pages in your autobiography…a diary you did not even know you were keeping, complete with a glimpse of what might be written on the pages ahead and advice on what you need to do to rewrite those pages to make a more satisfying story.

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