Psychic Readings by Ember_

Psychic Readings by: Ember_

About Ember_

I'm an Intuitive, Empathic Psychic and Medium, and I have highly developed remote viewing skills too. I experience the world with much more than the six senses we are born with. I was born with psychic ability from a long line of female psychics in my family and then a series of head injuries seemed to 'tune' me to other vibrations and other worlds within our own. Having learned how to interpret this information, I can see into other dimensions, and can see details of situations past, present and future, helping to guide you to make the choices that will result in the outcome you desire. I also read animals, and with my mediumship skills, can communicate with those who have passed on, if they are willing to participate. My sessions are caring and compassionate and I will share the information as I see it, openly and honestly. I would love the honor to read for you!

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