Psychic Readings by Eleina

Psychic Readings by: Eleina

About Eleina

I have been doing readings for 16 years. I'm a Psychic Medium who is not only able to give insight on current events in you life, but also able to speak to love ones that have left this plain of existence. I'm also Tarot Reader, a Reiki Master and a certified Hypnotherapist. I enjoy helping other and most find that my insight is helpful and healing. In addition to contacting loved ones, I'm able to connect with animals and pets that have passed as well. Typicality I use the Tarot cards to make contact with your energies as a mediation tool, then once I'm able to connect with your energy, all the information comes flowing in. On occasion, there might be information that I am not able to access. In this case, I use a pendulum to ask a yes or no question. If I'm not able to answer the question, this is because it's not in your greater good to know at this time. I understand this, respect it and always let clients know up front that there may be a possibility this might happen. I have found being up front and honest is always the best policy.

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