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Psychic Readings by Elayna Castillo

Psychic Readings by: Elayna Castillo

About Elayna Castillo

With over 20 years as an Intuitive Psychic and Clairvoyant, I also have experience with Tarot cards, Numerology, chakras and our protective Angels (Angelogy), I know the light and the source is within us. Let's heal your spirit and renew your soul today! Know that with every sunrise we can start anew. My guidance helps with the most nonjudgmental approach to get you back on track to fulfill your dreams. My focus is you, the very unique individual and everything about your life. Find answers about love, career and other aspects now to improve your whole being with each and every reading. I appreciate the opportunity to know you, as that shining light and soul you should be. And, to get you through this journey restored and resilient, with the tools and experience I provide. I'm looking forward to showing you the miracles in your life now and those to come. I speak English and SPANISH as well. Hablo E spañol. Love and light to you!

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