Psychic Readings by Egypt Mau

Psychic Readings by: Egypt Mau

About Egypt Mau

Greetings! My name is Egypt Mau. Cats usually just call me Mau. I am a Clairvoyant of a rather unique origin, blessed with a long and developed relationship with, open hearted understanding of and eager acceptance of the supernatural. I often utilize Tarot cards to interpret those messages hidden from us by the universe, though I work equally well with or without the use of tools. This totally depends upon your request. I use Tarot cards when opting for any sort of aid, as that is my most familiar and comfortable means of assisted divination. I care deeply for the welfare of others and seek to assist all who need guidance and advice along the route of their lives. The truth behind all mystery is that life itself is a cat and mouse game of survival. You must be the victor and survivor, whether you are the cat or the mouse. I know this well, having always walked the paths of the ever-watchful cat, eyes always open and eager for knowledge. Put me to work and find a unique perspective that reveals the answers to your deepest concerns in your own life. Born a child of the moon, with my feline spirit and personality, I will tirelessly work to hunt down the answers you seek! Ever eager to pursue the paths of the mystic, I exist in a balanced but nomadic state between life in the tangible world, while always nurturing my strong connection to the world unseen. I am extremely open-minded, possessing a willingness to embrace those elements of existence often rejected or even feared by the majority of our society. A massive debt of gratitude goes to my cherished and lost grandmother, who taught me the value of trusting one's raw instinct and the great need to be free from doubt and fear. Thanks to her and the collection of people I have chosen as my friends and allies, I have been fortunate enough to live the entirety of my short and wonderfully strange life as one who is proud to be considered “different”. I look forward to meeting others like and unlike myself, and am eager to be of great aid to you. May the universe grant its bounty of peace and beauty upon you and yours, each and every day!

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