Psychic Readings by Eden Ellis

Psychic Readings by: Eden Ellis

About Eden Ellis

I’m a Psychic and I am also proficient in numerous other energetic and healing modalities. I have experience with Akashic Records, oneness blessings or Deekshas, angelic Reiki, and holistic remedies. I am a Reiki Master and I specialize in Pranic Healing, which is a more extensive form of energy healing work. Angel Card readings are my favorite way of connecting with the messages from the angels. I have many clair gifts. Clairsentience, the ability to psychically feel others, is my strongest psychic ability. I am able to feel into your being and connect with your experience in a very loving and dynamic way. I have clairaudience which is the ability to psychically hear the angels or the divine talking to me. This gift is often intertwined with claircognizance, which is a psychic knowing. I often refer to this as a psychic download because it resonates for me as a knowing beyond any explanation as to why I would know such things. The fourth clair is clairvoyance and is often the most well-known of the clairs. It specifically it refers to clear seeing, such as seeing colors or auric fields or having visions. I have all of these gifts in abundance and I have worked to enhance them for the last 12 years. I believe we all have the ability to tap into our divine gifts and psychic abilities. I can also teach some tools and tips for hearing your own angels and connecting with them. My favorite way of connecting with mine and other’s higher beings, guides, and angels is various forms of angel cards. I have over 30 different decks to choose from and I usually read from several until I see a theme develop that gives me amazing accuracy, clarity, and insight into your life and experience. This contributes heavenly confirmation, validation, assurance, guidance, and support to navigate our lives on this earthly plane. The angels are very compassionate to our experiences here on earth. They understand that we are the ones who are “down in the trenches” so to speak and they are always willing to support our journey in any way that they can! Their guidance has brought me so much clarity and joy! They are always loving and eager to aide us for our highest good and the most aligned path for our purpose.

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Thank you for a highly informative reading.

October 16th, 2015

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