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Psychic Readings by Dru Leon

Psychic Readings by: Dru Leon

About Dru Leon

I'm a Natural-born Psychic, Clairvoyant, Healer and Empath, working very closely with my personal spirit guide and angels. I use the Tarot as a tool to assist in putting the information I receive in a laid out order to reference and come back to during a reading. I'm also an expert when it comes to different crystals, stones and metaphysical items that occur naturally in nature, and can advise you on the topic as to which items may assist you at this point in your life. To heal, I use the human energy field by tapping into the energy of divine origin and essence. If you are in need of healing, I can send you energy that will assist in healing your body or even to help align your mind, body, and spirit. I channel this energy when giving people readings to help them to overcome obstacles in their lives or to assist them by giving them insight into important life matters or choices they face. I read on any topic or concern you may have or even if you simply wish to have a general reading to have the insight into what is likely ahead for you in the coming months. My readings are compassionate, I am easy to work with and have a natural gift to put others at ease especially during difficult times. I feel very blessed to have the ability to help others to heal in this way and I look forward to working with you. Wishing you all the best and for love and light to be entering your life.

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