Psychic Readings by Donald Hughs

Psychic Readings by: Donald Hughs

About Donald Hughs

I am a Tibetan intuitive master Psychic, Medium and Healer. I'm able to feel and receive guidance from energies and spirits. My intent is to access assistance for myself and others, by acting as a conduit and translator for traditional knowledge and Spirits. We do this in order to assist seekers in finding answers and solutions to challenges we face. I work in partnership with clients and students to explore root causes of health, professional or spiritual challenges. Drawing on my extensive training and life experience, I successfully coach and support others to realize their potential. I'm a multidimensional and grounded Practitioner who knows how to find creative solutions, utilizing traditional wisdom in order to help others understand the gifts our ancestors wish to share. I work in integrity and honesty with a strong felt sense and detailed understanding of the human and natural way of our larger natural ecosystem. I help give voice to the vast network of Spirits and Medicine Keepers. My expertise is in assisting others to find and achieve emotional, physical and spiritual integration to regain balance in our modern world. I bridge the indigenous and natural worlds in a sacred way, and offer myself in clear service, carrying ancient wisdom that has been forgotten by many. I'm empathic and can feel and sense what other people are not aware they are putting out or what it means. As a trained Mystic and Chi Kung Master, I am able to experience energies that are around that people sometimes do not notice or have had the experience to notice or be aware.

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