Psychic Readings by Dolly Wyndell

Psychic Readings by: Dolly Wyndell

About Dolly Wyndell

I'm a natural-born psychic Intuitive and Tarot Reader. Even as a young child I knew that I saw the world through a unique and creative portal. Studying the history of art and the meanings of the visual content of paintings and sculptures, I began to see the patterns of our collective experience as human beings unfold, repeating, yet delicately individual. In my college years, I was drawn to this beauty and endlessly questioning, I was delighted to encounter the Tarot as a tool in understanding my insight and I set my mind to mastering the techniques. I've been blessed to be able to study with great thinkers who were trained in several oracles. These teachers not only helped me personally, but instilled in me a love of the cards and a deep belief in what a positive signpost they can give to anyone open to their guidance. Each of us is on a journey, writing our own narrative as we go. In the Tarot, I see the characters of our stories represented in the timeless beauty of Archetypes. To this mindset, I bring my gift of intuition and have spent years learning to use this gift to help others find the answers they seek. I read in a way that is unique to each individual and set to present events. We each have our own path and the answers are there for us, yet there are times when calling on an intuitive Guide can show you the objective insight you need to get on or stay on the proper path. I have so much appreciation for the human story and relish the opportunity to let my gift shine light on the questions you bring to me. Your consultation will be blessed and I am here when you are ready.

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