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Psychic Readings by Diana Mercury

Psychic Readings by: Diana Mercury

About Diana Mercury

I'm an Intuitive Psychic Medium and an Empathic Astrologer. When you need clarity or a new prospective and you are ready for transformation, I can help you change your attitude. Discover your personal power! Know Thy Soul. From the beginning of my life, I could feel others emotions and had a strong connection to Spirit. As I grew up, I discovered I could communicate with Spirits that no longer had a body in the physical realm. Sometimes, the messages are delivered to me in dreams (documented by the Human Energy Systems Laboratory), trances and sudden flashes of inexplicable knowing. As a gifted Psychic with empathic awareness, 20 plus years of experience in Astrology and spirit influence, I will spiritually guide you and provide you with an in-depth probe into your current and future concerns. I can read on any topic, and specialize in regard to your intimate relationships, I can identify if it is just a physical attraction or true love and commitment. I will help you heal emotionally and spiritually. I'm here to offer you the understanding of what your soul picked to experience in this lifetime. Let's develop your personal power.

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