Psychic Readings by Dee Dee

Psychic Readings by: Dee Dee

About Dee Dee

As a Psychic Empath and Clairsentient, I can relate to the bumps and detours we sometimes take as we try to find balance in our daily lives. By use of the Tarot, along with my natural-born gifts, we will gain a broader picture of the choices open to you and help you to heed that little “voice.” Every living creature has a story to tell; we are epics in progress from childhood to adulthood. At a young age, I was allowed to see that there is another plane of existence and those experiences have shown me that by opening our hearts, as well as, our eyes, we can gain a better perspective of our own selves. I'm here to guide you to the happiness you deserve and show you how to build inner strength and self-confidence. Please allow me to join you on your journey and provide you with additional insight.

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