Psychic Readings by Daysha

Psychic Readings by: Daysha

About Daysha

I am a seer, which makes me Clairsentient. I feel and see everything, including you, as an energy vibration and as consciousness. Your energy vibration, or aura, tells everything about you (and those around you) – past, present and future. It's all there, like a road map of your life, visible to those who are Psychic. I have been seeing and reading these energies professionally for over 18 years. At a young age, I began to see things that other people didn't. I was frightened at first, but eventually I learned to love and appreciate this Gift from God. I further learned that the only true purpose of this gift is to help others. I can help you. Some people are gifted “thinkers” and become mathematicians, lawyers, etc. You will find that I, am one of the extraordinarily gifted “seers.”

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