Psychic Readings by Daniel

Psychic Readings by: Daniel

About Daniel

In my readings, I work primarily through the Tarot, but I use Numerology, Astrology and name meanings as well. I have studied divine archetypes for many years, hold a BA in humanities, an associate's degree in psychology and working towards my MA. Do you know what happens when you project an image into your subconscious? How about the subtle effect your name and birthday have on who you are? There are quite a few energies working on us at any given time. Knowing what they are and what they are doing to you right now, can offer you advantages to change and control your path towards whatever you need. With Tarot cards, Numerology and an intuition developed by being raised in the shamanic experience, I can help you conquer the energies in your life and finally take a hold of your destiny. I eagerly anticipate our conversation.

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