Psychic Readings by Damon Willow

Psychic Readings by: Damon Willow

About Damon Willow

Body, mind and spirit; there is so much more than what we are able to see. I'm a Spiritual, Intuitive Psychic, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Therapist, Healing Channeler and a Reiki Master and teacher. My specialties are modalities of bodywork, transformational Psychology, vibrational distance healing and guided mediation. I practice distant healing by way of transcending space and time with the help of ascended healing masters . This is my knowledge base as I go into a light trance-like state, to help clients with pressing issues and with the goal to release the cause of their individual challenge. If needed, I also use guided imagery to help with weight management, smoking cessation, anxiety, fears and phobias. These are all methods I use to channel the infusion of knowledge . Using many tools in our session will allow us to reach the highest level of healing and the most direct way of finding inner peace. I do feel that we will be doing Gods work together. I look forward to being an instrument to guide you, so you may be in perfect tune with your past, present and future life.

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