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Psychic Readings by Cristee Hart
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Psychic Readings by Cristee Hart

About Cristee Hart

As a natural-born Psychic, Empath, Intuitive, Healer, Channeler, Reiki master, and card Reader, I offer over a decade of providing insight and healing to those in need. I also have training in crystal healing, accessing consciousness and Oracle cards. I had a profound experience when I was 29, and that helped me to understand my purpose on this planet is to help others connect to their own inner guidance and to be a channel of elevated consciousness. Let me help you create and manifest incredible things in your life, love, romance, successful relationships, and more. I will provide an in-depth and spiritually-charged consultation that will help you move forward. I’ve spent years honing my abilities and crafts and I’m honored to share my gifts with you.

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