Psychic Readings by Cordelia Clarke

Psychic Readings by: Cordelia Clarke

About Cordelia Clarke

I began having unexplained experiences at a young age: prophetic dreams, knowing things I couldn't have known, seeing what wasn't there, anticipating phone calls…I began using Tarot cards over 10 years ago to tap into my innate and intuitive Psychic gift. I've given or witnessed hundreds of readings, and am constantly working to hone my craft. I attend seminars and classes and am a member of a local Tarot organization, and I make a point of researching new Tarot techniques, decks, spreads and intuitive exercises. On a regular basis, I use yoga and meditation to get in touch with my intuitive self and to open my chakras to receive wisdom and energy from the universe. Tarot is a versatile, fluid, interactive method of communicating with Spirit, and I am able to use it for any number of topics including romance, career, family, friendship, life events, personal guidance and spiritual healing, psychic development, assessing your life path and realizing past lives. I welcome you on this incredible journey to greater understanding through a reading with me.

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