Psychic Readings by Christopher Roberts

Psychic Readings by: Christopher Roberts

About Christopher Roberts

I'm an Intuitive Psychic Counselor, Life Coach, Empath, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master, and I work through subtle energy. In my work I also teach Indigo children. I'm very gifted in reading situations and people. I'm young at heart, but with an old soul. I look at everyone as my brother or sister, because after all, we are all one family and we are all equal parts to God. I take an unorthodox approach to looking at a simple solution to a complex problem. As a spiritual advisor, I will you help unlock the perception of your true higher self and the immortal being that you are living, within a human vehicle. I've had many rough times in my life, so I do know how hard life can be at times, but I also know you can make changes. I really enjoy helping people in any and every way possible and I want to help you discover your divine nature. Namaste.

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