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Psychic Readings by Chiara Ryleigh

Psychic Readings by: Chiara Ryleigh

About Chiara Ryleigh

I’m an intuitive Advisor, a Medium, a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and a Clairsentient. I offer oracle readings and I am very in touch with the spirits. I can tap into the universal life force and use it for the better good of all mankind. I can help people towards a brighter light, and that light is within each of us. I love to help others see their own power. As a Reader, many people come to me expecting that I somehow am more powerful than them. I always refer back to the power that I get comes from within, and they have that same power. During my readings, I encourage and uplift people; negativity is NOT a part of my practice. My gifts are to help better humanity…one person at a time.

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