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Psychic Readings by Chelsea Alexandra

Psychic Readings by: Chelsea Alexandra

About Chelsea Alexandra

I am an intuitive Interpreter and a psychic Counselor. I'm a 5th-generation Intuitive and my ancestral background is rich with gifted people who utilized their skills to better others' lives. In Finland, where my ancestry came from, the Shamans were women. They were called, “Noaide,” and were revered much like medicine men are today. People would travel great distance to see the Noaide. These people would ask questions about their lives. They would seek realignment with their soul. The Noaide would interpret dreams, signs and omens to offer up the answers the people requested. On occasion, when another culture conquered Finland, they would take the Noaide as their an irreplaceable treasure. I am part of this runs in my veins. I have adapted and harnessed my Intuitive/Psychic gifts into an interpretive format. I am highly sensitive to signs, symbols, synchronicity, paranormal phenomena and unusual or unnatural occurrences. I am very skilled at interpreting dreams and visions. I am capable of taking any or all of these events and extracting the wisdom spirit is trying to impart. My readings generally revolve around a time-frame of 3 months prior and 3 months after a particular circumstance/current timeline. This enables me to perceive clearly the energetic and/or spiritual issues that are keeping you from your greatest, most healthy life. Do you have dreams that repeat? Do your dreams continue to weigh on your mind long after you had them? Do you see or feel strange occurrences at home or away? Do you notice signs, whether of nature or man-made, that you know are trying to tell you something but you don't know quite what? Call me.let's talk about it. Together, we will put the pieces together and get you back into the life that best suits you; the life your soul has been calling out to live.

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