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Psychic Readings by Charlize Cae

Psychic Readings by Charlize Cae

About Charlize Cae

Thank you for taking a minute to review my profile. Divine guidance has directed you here, for there is a divine reason you have stopped to read my profile. As a Psychic, I can receive information from your spirit and as a Medium, I receive information from a divine source, acting as a conduit between this divine source, and you. I link my energy with the Divine, to provide you with guidance, information, support, and love that is most helpful to you. I may receive information from deceased loved ones, Angels, or your spirit Guides. I’m a relationship and life Coach, advising intuitively on many topics including relationships, love, life, business and career. I also am a Reiki Master and I will do remote energy healing. I look forward to working with you!

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