Psychic Readings by Celia Parker

Psychic Readings by: Celia Parker

About Celia Parker

My name is Celia and I am a Natural-born Spiritual Advisor, possessing gifts of Psychic and Clairvoyant abilities. I'm dedicated and committed to assisting humankind on their paths to self-knowledge and enlightenment. I hail from a long line of Seers, Healers, Spiritual Advisors, and I believe that my gifts should be shared and not hidden. From a young age, I was encouraged to practice and put my gifts to use, rather than suppress them. Just as the Native Americans from my maternal side and the Nomads from my paternal side, I have nurtured, developed and honed my gifts by watching and learning from my elders. My spirit Guide is the Wolf and I am very in tune with nature and the elements that surround us. I live in harmony with nature, the physical, the spiritual and the ethereal. I feel that it is better that things be called to the light, than to be hidden under a bushel. I believe that we should not fear the unknown, but to find a way to make it known and better learn how to deal with the obstacles in our way, and to find our true path in this life and any future lives. Knowledge is power. By knowing our past and present, it will help us to better our understanding of the future, and how to best plan for what lies ahead. I believe that we live several lives on our journey to perfection, and this particular life cycle is only one of many. If we find a way to stop repeating mistakes in our past lives, we can grow in this one and be better prepared for the future lives that we have in store. I am committed to helping you grow your inner being. I wish for us to grow together in this life and many more to come. Blessings.

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