Psychic Readings by Ceejay

Psychic Readings by: Ceejay

About Ceejay

I am a Psychic, Medium and Intuitive, and also have a lot of experience with Tarot cards and Psychometry. As a Medium, I have conversed to spirits on the other side, and relayed their messages. I have helped many people in my life, not only as a Medium, but also as a spiritual Advisor and Psychic Counselor. I've been psychic ever since I can remember and I first noticed that I was different from most by the age of five. I seemed to have a knack for knowing things before they would happen, I could feel other peoples emotions, and just I knew how they felt without ever having to say a word. I've always had dreams that would end up coming true with in the weeks to follow. Since then, I have dealt with all kinds of psychic phenomena. Let me use my gift and put it to work for you. I look forward to helping you here on the PPN.

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