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Psychic Readings by Cecillia Marie

Psychic Readings by: Cecillia Marie

About Cecillia Marie

I'm a Psychic and an Intuitive Healer, blessed with Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities. I specialize in the areas of love and relationships, spiritual and emotional healing and evolution. I can assist you in connecting with your higher self, help with soul and emotional healing work and give you any insight you may need for current situations. In addition, I can work with you to grow your own intuitive abilities that we all have within. Truly, we were created in love, made for love and oneness…and love is who we are at our core. When we experience anything else, this tells us our awareness is right, we were not created to live in pain and separation. As we experience these pains, we can begin to spin them off and claim more and more of our true selves; your true identity as a divine being. I would be honored to assist you in this process, especially now as the energies are so powerful for us to make lasting shifts to higher vibrations of love and awareness. This is my life's work, to share the bliss that we are all called toward.

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