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Psychic Readings by Caylainn Argante

Psychic Readings by: Caylainn Argante

About Caylainn Argante

I'm a Natural-born Seer, Intuitive Psychic and Medium. I have the gift of sight, and I am a very kind hearted and warm advisor. I am very proficient in Tarot and pendulum readings, and can communicate with loved ones that have crossed over. I'm also an ordained Wicca Priestess. The spirit of the Faye directs me in my readings, and I give credit to my guide for my accuracy. During your consultation, I feel your energies, aura and inner being. I may answer your true question. the one you don't even know to ask, rather than what you do ask, because that answer will come to me first. I'm looking forward to aiding you in your search for answers. Blessed Be.

Inactive Advisor

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