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Psychic Readings by Callida Lynn

Psychic Readings by: Callida Lynn

About Callida Lynn

I am a Natural-born intuitive Psychic, Empath, Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, certified Spiritual Healer and Advisor. I may use oracle, karma, my own Tarot cards or runes to aid in our reading, if needed, but alas I read more into the messages I receive through spirit to answer specific questions. I can relay a past life, interpret a dream, bring messages from the other side and together we can seek ways to heal what may be hindering you on your own spiritual journeys. At the tender age of 6, my beautiful winged Spirit Guide appeared before me, reassuring me “not to worry” that I would stay on my spiritual path. Since then I have listened to my intuitive awareness, psychic abilities and messages from the other side, dreams, and empathic feelings to guide me along my spiritual travels. Soon, I was using my intuitive awareness to help others. Along with the powers of the Great Spirit and the communicators that be, I look forward to speaking with you, without expectations or judgment, through spiritual understanding, enlightenment and solace. Blessed Be!

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