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Psychic Readings by Bunny Brown

Psychic Readings by: Bunny Brown

About Bunny Brown

I am a gifted Psychic, Tarot Reader, Dream Interpreter and Counselor. Both dream interpretation and the Tarot can show us our own inner fears, hopes, needs and paths. Not only can I read past lives and future events, I can help you to learn to trust your own intuition. My degrees in counseling have helped me to understand the deepest needs of my clients and by applying my intuitive abilities, offer the best and most uplifting insight into your life. In Shamanistic teaching, all things have energy and consciousness. I have learned to tune into to that consciousness of things and beings around me. I can help you to focus on your own energy and gain the wonderful future that the universe has waiting for you! Let me guide you to create your own unique power for positive results. I'm here to help you sort things out.

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