Psychic Readings by Brynn Laine

Psychic Readings by: Brynn Laine

About Brynn Laine

Brynn was born with psychic abilities and an innate awareness of the spiritual side. In her earliest years, she worked with her spiritual guides on the inner planes through dreams and astral travel. Some of the knowledge attained through her communion with her spiritual guides, is that each one of us is first and foremost a spiritual, energetic, body of light; our physical body and world are a precipitation of the spiritual body and world. She was reminded that we all are and can do far more than we have been taught, and that reality is usually not as it seems. At one time or another, humanity asks “what is the meaning of life? What is the reason for being?” Brynn's spiritual guides tell her something quite simple, yet in the doing, so profound; the reason for being: “celebrate yourself.” In her teen years she began educating herself in the field of Occult sciences, studying the Tarot, Astrology, numerology and dream work. Her work with the public began after graduating from high school. Beginning in the early 90's Brynn has done her work through a variety of mediums, in person, telephone, psychic fairs, internet video conferencing and chat. In the mid 90's she pursued her interests in alternative health and medicine, and as such, is a natural health practitioner and nutritional consultant. Currently, Brynn is being instructed by her guides about the reality and use of energetic, vibrational healing. In 2007, she was trained as a professional counselor and uses her knowledge and skills in her work with her clients. Brynn truly and deeply knows that we all have the opportunity and abilities to manifest our greatest self and change our world for the better, if we face our limitations both figuratively and literally. She believes in the power of our own hearts to bring our greatest dreams and fulfillment to bear upon our lives. With an open heart and an open mind, Brynn looks forward to working with you.

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