Psychic Readings by Bryce Madison

Psychic Readings by: Bryce Madison

About Bryce Madison

We are spiritual beings that inhabit human bodies. Opening our minds to the cosmic energies around us will help guide us through this journey called life. I'm a Spiritual Psychic Guide, Empath, Medium and dream Interpreter, and I use the Tarot. I have the gift of being able to predict things before they happen. I have been gifted from an early age and I have used those gifts to help others in need for 30 years. I am a Native American, a Creek, Cherokee and Blackfoot Indian. Currently, I work with my Tribal Chief as his Spiritual Guide. I am also a Clan Mother of the Bear Clan, and I have been asked to be Shaman for my Tribe. I believe Creator has given me the gifts he has, so that I may reach out to help others in need. I'm a warm, kind hearted, trust worthy and a very honest person. And, I will be there for you to help guide you with anything you need answers to. I want to thank you in advance for the opportunity to share my gifts with you. Please feel free to contact me anytime you are in need.

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