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Psychic Readings by Black Feather

Psychic Readings by: Black Feather

About Black Feather

Greetings Seeker! I'm a seer from a long family line and use the tarot, weather and animal lore and offer aura readings just like so many of my family members before me. My Grandfathers Grandmother was the first of us. She used weather lore, pots of water, animal signs and small sacred objects like bones and a turtle shell to guide and advise her tribe. Her skills helped her people stay a step ahead and protect themselves from unwanted intruders. I'm blessed with all her same skills. I strive to guide and advise others…to help them see what is coming and to be prepared. Today, the unwanted intruders are stress, confusion, torment and financial hardships. They come to take the lands of your mind and heart. Will you let them or will you defend your lands? I am here to help you defend your lands.

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