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Psychic Readings by Banu Barak

Psychic Readings by: Banu Barak

About Banu Barak

I understand that we all have psychic abilities to some degree. This understanding has allowed me to better understand my abilities as a gifted Advisor. It has enabled me to work exceptionally well within the spirit realm. I have been practicing my gifts for over 30 years. I’ve been working with people who have been in need of information to help them live a better quality of life, because as we know “knowledge is power”. My strongest ability is clairvoyance. I have always been able to see into the future, present and past. I usually see symbols, written words, pictures and interpret the meanings, as close to the meaning as possible. I have been scrying over the last 10 years, which includes reading candles and interpreting the meanings. When needed, I use the I-Ching or a regular playing deck of cards to assist me when I feel I need extra information or confirmation. For years and most of the time, I just rely on my natural ability as a clairvoyant for information. I also love working with pets. I am able to hear their thoughts and relay messages to their owners. I do not utilize this gift often but want to spend more time working with animals. We are spirits living inside of physical bodies, having this soulful event on this plane, in this realm called earth, with what we are thinking, feeling including our wants and desires. We all have been created with special senses, which help us in this experience. We are connected to each other and everything for that matter. For these very reasons we can see, hear and know in non-physical ways. I will help you with any information you are seeking.

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