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Psychic Readings by Bali Shakti

Psychic Readings by: Bali Shakti

About Bali Shakti

I am a psychic Healer, dream Interpreter, Medium, Channeler, Native American animal card Reader, and Astrologer. I have kept a rigorous log of astrological data for twelve years, learning much of my knowledge about astrology from practical experience. I was fascinated with mysticism my whole life, until the age of 18 when I studied psychic healing, when my skills become honed. My technique is sought after. I have acted as a medium and channel, in some cases dealing trauma and denial, effectively walking the clients and friends or family through sometimes conflict tactfully. I have a gentle way to my work, and to delivering information. My goal is for everyone to experience absolute joy! I use a couple of kinds of divination, and am happy to call upon the animal spirits to help a person understand his or her current best course of action. I hope to be an assistant and guide to the most beneficial path for all potential seekers. I have traveled the world and lived abroad. I am available to perform psychic healing, give intuitive guidance, and perform solfeggio tunings. If you’re available to remove challenges in your life, or seek deeper understandings on issues, let’s get together! I am here for you when you call on me with open hands. Sincerely, Bali Shakti

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