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Psychic Readings by Bailee Miles

Psychic Readings by: Bailee Miles

About Bailee Miles

At a young age, Bailee had a direct connection to Spirit Guides and Angels. Clear communication has been coming through since childhood helping peers and adults with life issues, which has led her to her current career as a Psychic, Healer, Reiki Master and Life Coach. She has information come through all of her senses: clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and empathy. Bailee's abilities are many: channeling, communicating with guides and angels, reading people, pets, land, plants and rocks, and locations of the living and the dead. A Healer by nature, Bailee has been practicing clinical Hypnotherapy for over 15 years, where she uses her innate intuition to connect with clients helping them to fully experience what their highest self needs are for healing. She provides not only past-life regression, but spiritual-life regression as well, helping clients re-engage with their true life purpose. She is nonjudgmental and can see the truth in any situation, and always finds ways of helping you move through turbulent life issues. She is here as your personal Advisor and friend; give her a call.

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